Starna Building Group is a boutique provider of construction management services across the Greater Toronto Area.

What We Do

We provide full-service construction management services for luxury custom home renovations and new construction.

We’ve re-imagined the construction process and developed a unique approach that centers on the client experience and that delivers an exceptional finished product. We are committed to staying small enough so that we can always offer the time, care, and personal attention necessary on each and every single project we manage. 

Our Mission

To maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the construction process through transparency, integrity, and honesty to balance the highest level of quality possible while considering project timeline and budget constraints.

We understand that just like no two homes are the same, neither are two clients the same. That’s why we take the time to get to know each client personally. By learning about your needs, wishes, values, and lifestyle, we can design and build a home that’s truly custom and as unique as you. We’re committed to being transparent throughout the construction process, too; you can expect us to communicate frequently and candidly about what’s happening to your home.

Custom home projects can vary in scope and complexity. Let us put our expertise to work for you and show you how we’re shaping a new era of custom home construction that is centered around integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Your Custom Home

Building Professionals

Our Services

Starna is a full-service project management firm that offers a wide range of services to better help you
Planning & Development

From project inception, Starna consults with the architect, designer and consultants to ensure that proposed designs and concepts fit within your construction budget and timelines. We also work closely with the design team to advise on “constructability” and ways to streamline details to ensure that the construction of your home is built with longevity in mind.


Once the design is completed, Starna will prepare a detailed project budget and schedule.  Cost saving exercises are often done in the form of a process known as value-engineering and is often done in collaboration with the design / consultant team.


Upon budget and timeline approval, Starna will begin procurement for the project by awarding subcontractors and purchasing materials required.  This process is known as the tendering process and multiple quotations are compiled and analyzed through bid summaries for client approval prior to awarding major scopes of work.  Starna has an extensive database of subcontractors and they are evaluated on their quality, ability to meet the project schedule, inclusiveness of scope, and price.

Construction Management

We manage the construction process by scheduling our subcontractors and sequencing the work to ensure that our construction schedule is met. Full time site supervision is a key component to ensure that subcontractors are executing to the utmost quality and their scope of work is adhered to. Health and safety, city and internal inspections, and project documentation are all critical components that Starna manages effectively to ensure successful execution of your project.

Post Construction

Once the construction of your project is complete, Starna will initiate the permit closure and closeout process. A pre-delivery inspection takes place with the design team and clients to ensure that all items are completed and deficiencies are addressed.  A complete review of the systems and components of the home is conducted to ensure that proper use, maintenance, and care is understood prior to project turnover to our clients.

Ongoing Maintenance

By this stage, we are an expert at your home. Starna offers on-going maintenance and home services to ensure that the systems and components are cared for as intended so that your home lasts a lifetime.  We are always happy to help even after your project is complete!

Our Management Team

A multi-talented team with a shared passion for building homes

Natasha Jurakhan

Director of Operations & Partner
Natasha is driven to provide the highest level of customer service through a process-driven approach construction management.

Peter Sitarz

Director of Construction & Partner
Peter is extremely passionate about building meaningful relationships and works tirelessly in helping turn each vision into reality.
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